Financial institutions of all types and sizes benefit greatly from the support of a professional and experienced cash management partner.

At Loomis we understand how important it is to have a partner you can trust with the movement and management of your cash. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to help you reduce risk to employees and customers, increase your market presence without increasing physical footprint, lower cash inventory needs, optimise your vault network, and strengthen customer relationships.

With a proven track record in the financial sector, we pride ourselves on being the trusted partner of many of the main banks throughout Europe and across the globe, utilising a sustainable approach by reducing cash movement via our bulk till facilities and by recycling returned bank notes.



The time which would have been spent on managing cash operations can be used to build stronger customer relationships and a more profitable business.

Risk reduction

With Loomis on your team you will avoid situations that could compromise the security of your employees and customers by reducing your cash inventory and outsourcing cash custody.

Robust online monitoring

The Loomis platform provides accurate real-time information online and you can view, track and export reports at any time, day or night.



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