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Loomis is the partner with a trusted track record in managing complete ATM services, offering an unparalleled service for banks that optimizes ATM operations to increase profitability, efficiency, and productivity.

Loomis provides various goal-oriented outsourcing services, which include cash logistics, ATM management, service management, and other critical approaches for your ATM fleet.

Loomis offers ATM services in 23 countries worldwide for over 130,000 ATMs at more than 2,000 banks.


Increase Profitaility

By outsourcing partially or completely your ATM network management to Loomis, we guarantee you an increase in the profitability of your ATMs and among the staff in your office or store, who now will be able to forget about replenishing cash and concentrating on more profitable activities.

Optimal Setup

Managing local and global vendors, Loomis seamlessly integrates complementary providers in the ATM value chain, creating best-value from the outset within its outsourcing ATM solutions.


Efficient monitoring services alert us to any technical problem or service requirement, whether that be first or second level maintenance. Loomis is committed to keeping your ATMs operating effectively and productively.

What can Loomis do for your current ATM network?

  • Loomis takes care of the delivery, installation and the securing of the location of ATMs within its outsourcing services. We also undertake the necessary pre-configurations of the machines.
  • Loomis cash optimization technology lets us know when branch by branch when your ATMs need replenishing, optimising the amount of cash required - and therefore the capital cost.
  • Loomis Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in First Level and Second Level Maintenance ensure ATM network productivity.
  • Effective vendors and processor management, to optimise the ATM value chain.
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