Cash Management

The safe movement and management of cash is a serious business.

Our cash management and processing services include recounting, cash quality control according to Act No. 136/2011 Coll. and verification of cash authenticity. This is followed by reporting the result of processing to the customer and the bank and the delivery of the processed cash to the Czech National Bank in the case of Czech currency and to the bank branch in the case of foreign currency.

Our cash movement and management services integrate seamlessly into day-to-day operations, helping to improve efficiency and reduce risk for both employees and customers.

Providing essential cash collection and transportation solutions, Loomis delivers a secure and efficient service to businesses across the country, working hard to deserve our position as one of Europe's leading cash management companies.



Loomis invests in the latest technologies and processes to offer a cost-effective and highly efficient package of services, including cash counting, reconciliation and reporting. Offering to our clients hassle free cash management and more time to focus on building a profitable business.


Risk management is one of Loomis' greatest strengths; We employ strict policies and procedures at every step to ensure that your cash is kept safe during the transportation and reconciliation stages.


When you work with Loomis, everything is clear and accessible.
By accessing Loomis Customer Portal, you will be able to make a real time tracking of your cash activity and view and export reports. 


Loomis is ready to manage and process cash for businesses of all types and sizes, from individual owner-operated establishments to multi-branch national organizations. Whatever business you have, if you accept cash, Loomis can help.


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