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There is no doubt that digital payments are here to stay. But accepting cash is vitally important for society for many reasons. Cash supports inclusion for all, helps to position and promote businesses as customer-focused and provides a a point of difference, helps to keep local communities alive…

Here at Loomis we understand the significant role of cash in society, in people’s daily lives and businesses. We also understand that publicly owned organisations will wish to support the circulation of cash and facilitate the acceptance of cash payments with as few challenges as possible. To do that successfully, it's important to work with a trusted provider that can really lighten the load and has the resources to support you.

Loomis offers a wide range of products and services, ranging from ATM services, smart safes and recyclers, to basic cash collection, cash management and coin delivery. Each of these services, or any combination of them, have been designed to help reduce your operating costs, ensure you can utilise your team’s time more effectively and eradicate internal losses. With robust and superbly accurate reporting systems in place, Loomis can also help to improve transparency - a vital requirement for public institutions.


We streamline cash-handling procedures

Cash-handling and reconciliation time can be drastically reduced or even eradicated thanks to our effective cash management solutions.

Less risk - more time

With Loomis handling your cash logistics you can rest assured that your cash is completely secure.

Robust online monitoring

The Loomis platform provides accurate real-time information online and you can view, track and export reports at any time, day or night.



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