Improve your cash management costs and optimize tracking and processes with our solutions for the financial sector.

Reduce cost
Optimize vault network
Enhance security
Strengthen customer relations

Streamline your daily cash management operations and enhance security with bespoke solutions suitable for retailers of all sizes

Reduce cost
Streamline Management Time
Strengthen reporting
Prevent Internal Losses
Public Sector

Reduce cash management costs and secure cash operations with Loomis' comprehensive solutions for public sector organisations

Reduce cost
Optimize vault network
Prevent Internal Losses
Strengthen customer relations


Why Loomis

Customer Service

Our customers are granted with a team of experts that are ready to help; Regardless the situation, there is a dedicate support team ready to help.

Risks Management

Here at Loomis, we are always working to ensure that our clients feel safe, protected and free of worry. This is why we have developed an effective security system based on precision and transparency that takes good care of our customers assets and businesses.

Business Efficiency

To that end, Loomis aims at maintaining our customers’ technological and operational excellence, keeping up to date with the newest tech resources and sustaining a network of high performance.


In Loomis we want to actively contribute to reduce our environmental footprint, so we decided to set a specific goal: to reduce our CO2 emissions by 15% in 2024, and by 20% in 2025.


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